On Friday, August 11th, management at the University of Central Florida and Florida Space Institute hosted a ceremony to honor the Arecibo staff for their incredible service to the observatory.

Julie Brisset, Interim Director of the Florida Space Institute, and Olga Figueroa, Arecibo Site Director, presented all of the employees certificates of appreciation for their contributions to the Arecibo Observatory, and with special thanks for working at the facility until the very end. Additional awards were presented to those who had worked at the Arecibo Observatory for 25 years or more. Olga Figueroa received recognition for Outstanding Leadership.

Interim Director of FSI, Julie Brisset, and Arecibo Site Director, Olga Figueroa, presenting awards to AO staff to celebrate and thank them for their dedication and various achievements.
Mike Sulzer, scientist at AO for 46 years, giving a speech about the observatory.

Mike Sulzer, who has worked at the observatory for 46 years, gave a speech on what made Arecibo special to him. Others joined to share what made the observatory so special for them.

“It was a really, really nice ceremony,” says Allison Smith, a scientist at AO. “It was beautifully decorated and just wonderful to get together with everyone for a really positive event full of gratitude.”

Olga Figueroa, Mike Sulzer, and Julie Brisset.

Employees who received awards for 25+ years of dedication to the Arecibo Observatory:

Raul Garcia 52 years
Angel Vázquez Valentín 46 years
Mike Sulzer 46 years
Oscar Rolán González 44 years
Edwin González González 41 years
Philip Perillat 40 years
Arun Venkataraman 37 years
Hiram Crespo Román 30 years
Carmelo Seín Rivera 28 years
Carmen Rosario 25 years
Víctor Negrón Dávila 25 years
Juan M Rodríguez Seín 25 years
Luz M López 25 years
Awards presented to AO staff for their service and dedication at a ceremony on August 11th, 2023.
Wall of gratuity in the breakroom at the Arecibo Observatory.