Since the announcement by NSF in October 2022 to transform Arecibo into a STEM Education Center, we wanted to make this newsletter a truly special one for all of you, our beloved readers and for the ones that will become a true fan of AO.

This issue is filled with emotions and with all the love Arecibo brought to each one of us in our lives, either in a professional or personal way. For some, Arecibo is a magical place that watched them grow up as it did for Pia and Pedrito. For others, a place where they found true love; a unique site of scientific achievements and discoveries; a time where the first scientific paper was published and celebrated; an opportunity to develop an innovative project and have it awarded; a facility of great opportunities for the surrounding communities providing economic support to the families and for the social-economic growth of Puerto Rico; an opportunity to discover that science really matters and decide to follow a career path on STEM thanks to the educational programs and opportunities offered; a place where dreams come true.

Thanks to Arecibo, we could witness how strong a team can come together to overcome so many difficulties with such empowerment. Not least, we also witnessed a strong and positive change in the history of Arecibo, the appointment of a woman as a lead of the facility. During a short period of time, we were able to make a change in the world.

Talking about changing the world, each of you were able to change the world in some way and Arecibo was part of it. For example, talking with someone and inspiring them using Arecibo as a tool, with the amazing discoveries you made using Arecibo directly, and through the unique science conversations that could last for hours. Believe it, you are part of it!

Thank you for being part of our AO Community. You are a vital piece of each corner of the legacy and I thank each and every one of you for your support. I hope the next generation of scientists will be able to witness with their hearts and with a new perspective of the value and importance of AO.

While we hope you have created lasting memories of the Arecibo Observatory, don’t forget to continue dreaming, because Arecibo taught us that dreams come true!

Enjoy the newsletter.

Olga Figueroa
Director of the Arecibo Observatory