Summer greetings from the Facilities and Operations Team!

What’s new?

Our Team has been working on several maintenance and improvement projects around the site. Our top priority has been the Arecibo Restoration Project, which includes several subprojects such as Optical Lab Repairs, Erosion Control Measures, HF, Security Cameras, 12m Repairs, among others.

Behind the scenes

Several of the salvaged items from the collapse of the 305 meter telescope have been repaired and now serve as exhibition pieces for visitors to the observatory.

These pieces include: 1) 430 MHZ Rotary Joint, this structure was located in the middle of the platform connecting all signal and power cables from the fixed triangular telescope structure to the rotating arm, including the waveguide of the Incoherent Scatter Radar, and was used to access the equipment in the Dome; 2) platform cables assembly, this piece connected the platform from the towers. This is one of the 39 cables supporting the weight of the 900-ton platform; 3) platform piece that was located at the top chord of corner #8, have been repaired and now served as new exhibition pieces for the visitors. Having these pieces on display has received exceptional remarks from the tourists.

To continue with our restoration efforts of maintaining the unique vegetation under the dish, we are putting efforts into clearing the weeds and other vegetation under the 305 meter dish.

In June 2022, we initiated the one of the subprojects of the Arecibo Observatory Restoration Funds: LIDAR Lab Roof Repairs Project. The LIDAR Lab will have a repaired roof preventing water leakage by the first week of August 2022.


Photo 1: From left to right: Luis Martinez, Carlos Perez, Osvaldo Rrodriguez, Jose Velez, Christian Cortes.


Photo 2: Truck carrying out the new container.


Photo 3: Ferry taking the new container to the Culebra Island.

A group from Facilities and Operations traveled to the Remote Optical Facility in Isla Culebra in preparation for the Hurricane Season. They transported and installed a new container at that facility that will soon host the new AO Meteor Radar.

The 12m telescope has a new experiment schedule that you can find in our AO website. The Meteor Radar and CARLA projects have also been a priority for the Facilities and Operations Team. We are almost ready to relocate, both, to our remote facility in Culebra.

Web post written by Olga Figueroa - Director of Facilities & Operations @ Arecibo Observatory
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