Facilities and Operations Update



The Facilities and Operations Team has been working in collaboration with the Education & Public Outreach Team in diverse innovative projects across the site for the reopening of the Science and Visitor Center. New experiences for the visitors focus on STEAM education have been developed, such as interpretative trails combining our unique karst region’s flora and fauna, integrating the long steps towards the SVC as a new experience incorporating the existing planets across the path with vibrant colors providing an art educational experience and the development of various stations, like Mars and Jupiter Station. At Mars Station, the visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the planet’s habitability while embarking into the remains of the 305-meter radio telescope and at Jupiter Station, they will have the chance to rest and grab refreshments before continuing their adventure towards the SVC.

Another improvement has been the establishment of new common rest areas with food options. This encourages the visitors to not only learn, but enjoy while climbing all the way to the SVC. What does this mean? We are making it more fun, relaxing and delicious!

The Facilities and Operations Team aims to make the site more appealing to all senses. Studies show that observing a garden and/or a landscape reflects in our literature, music and painting and brings a sense of harmony. Therefore, we highlighted key areas with ferns, shrubs and other beautiful plants making the site more pleasing.

Written by Olga Figueroa.