PRISMA Meteor Radar Arrives at AO



In a very important milestone for the Puerto Rican Initiative for Studies Using Meteor Radar (PRISMA) project, the radar system arrived at the Arecibo Observatory (AO) in February of 2022.
The radar was previously operating at the Andes Lidar Observatory (ALO) in Chile. It was donated to the University of Central Florida / Arecibo Observatory by the University of Illinois. The radar is now being tested and prepared for transportation to the Remote Optical Facility (ROF) on the island of Culebra. A customized 10 foot by 8 foot container with all of the requirements to house and operate the radar has been prepared at AO and will also be transported to ROF.

PRISMA is a 24-months project to deploy the first Caribbean all-sky VHF Meteor Radar in the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. PRISMA is funded by The Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust (PRST).

Article written by Dr. Tracy Becker - AO Collaborator / SwRI Research Scientist Contact:

Arecibo Media Contact
Ricardo Correa
Universidad Ana G. Méndez (UAGM)
787-878-2612 ext. 615

Principal Investigator
Dr. Pedrina Santos
Arecibo Observatory

Keywords: arecibo, observatory, prisma, meteor, radar, culebra